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Why Canada

We have been successfully helping people to migrate to Canada for over 20 years and know Canadian immigration law insight out. However, we totally understand that most people might not understand how to immigrate to Canada, what paths are available, where to begin etc. If you are new to the notion of relocating to Canada, this article is for you. 

Four major paths of Canadian immigration:

> Skilled Migration
> Family Migration
> Business or Invest Migration
> Humanitarian programs
This is it! You might notice that there is no “Immigration to Canada through Education” or “Work in Canada and then stay in the country” programs. Temporary work and study in Canada do not lead to permanent residency on their own. After working or studying in Canada, you are most likely to go via the Skilled Migration route, if you want to migrate to Canada for good.


There are more than 120 types of visas to Canada. In addition, the Canadian immigration law is constantly evolving. It can be quite challenging to complete a visa application correctly and hope for a positive result without the knowledge of nuances of Canadian visa and immigration legislation.

Business Migration

I am a businessmen or investor looking to relocate to Canada

Skilled Migration

I am a professional looking to Migrate to Canada

Work Abroad

I have an employer in Canada

Student Visa

I want to study in Canada

Global Talent Migration

I am a talented and recognised specialist in my field

Partner Migration

I am in love with Canadian



Family Immigration


How to immigrate to Canada without the need to sit an English test? One of the ways to do that is through Family migration.

To be eligible for one of the Family stream visas, you, understandably, need to have family in Canada. Depending on the type of family, you might be eligible for one of the following visas:

Partner Visas

Requires you to have a husband/wife/fiancé/fiancée/de factor partner who is an Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

As a given, Canadian Immi department assumes that your relationship is fictitious, and it is up to you to prove them otherwise. How you prove it, depends on your individual circumstances. Most couples choose to use an immigration agent as the application cost is expensive and it is not refunded if you application is refused.

Parent Visas

To migrate to Canada as a Parent of an Canadian permanent resident or citizen, you need to satisfy a “balance of family test”. This essentially means that 50% of all your children must be living in Canada.

Other Family Visas

Many people have migrated to Canada via other Family vias, like Child, Remaining Relative and Career visas. You can find more information about these as well as Partner and Parent visas.

Business Immigration Canada

This path is for those individuals that have plenty of money or a serious experience running a business. Minimum requirement for this visa is total net business and personal assets of at least CAD1.25 million.

This path might suit businessmen or investors that are under 55 years of age and have no English, as there are visas within the Business Migration stream that allow Canadian immigration without English knowledge (you would need to pay a fee of about CAD$10000 for the English classes through).

Here you will find more information about various business programs and its requirements.

Humanitarian Migration to Canada

Humanitarian program is for people that are being either prosecuted in their homeland or are from a country where there is a current military conflict – refugees